Press Reviews: “Meant to Rise” EP

Huffington Post: “‘Dig Your Own Grave’ is the persistently catchy single from alt-rock Philly band, Spin…Distorted and driven by a driving central riff that stakes ground between playful and furious, the song is undeniably a throwback to a time when straight-ahead rock reigned.”

The Richest: “SPiN is a band with huge potential, perhaps even enough to rival Nirvana one day…Their music is gutsy, raw, and full of attitude. .Their music is pretty much classic indie rock, with powerful riffs and great vocals. This band seems to be able to take what we love about the great rock bands of the past, and present it in a new way that is both refreshing and nostalgic.” “If you’re a fan of some good ol’ Rock and Roll and throwbacks such as Soul Asylum, Blind Melon and Stone Temple Pilots, then Philly rockers, SPiN, are the band that you’ve been looking for…The rebellious and knee-jerk feel is real from start to finish from the lead singer, E, who laces a dose of punk rock flavor into his vocals that make the jam keep you on your feet.”

Obscure Sound: “Starting with up-front vocals, steady percussion, and bursts of guitar, the track shifts into gear at the thirty-second mark with a melodic vocal turn accompanied by subtle backing vocals. “Dig-dig-dig your own grave,” the lead sings, a simple yet catchy incorporation on a track that…convinces with energy and hard rockin’ fervor…”

OnStage Magazine: “Dig Your Own Grave,” is a fuzzy, hard rocking tune that plays fast and loud and makes no excuses…the latest in what appears to be a growing trend back to the time of the fuzzy guitar and vocal distortion. Bands both in the U.S. and Europe are bringing back the ‘90s sound. The song adds a bang, bang, percussion and growling vocal.”

Vents Magazine: [PREMIERE] – “SPiN are back with yet another exciting cover after their highly successful cover of “Happy Together” that found the band landing some spots on Primetime TV and beyond…a poignant cover of Marvin Gaye’s classic, “What’s Going On”, featuring Nickey Knoxx (of Epoch Failure) – and it’s an absolute stunner.”

Substream Magazine: [PREMIERE] – “‘Dig Your Own Grave’ serves as the opener to the four-track effort, kicking things off with a steady backbeat and plenty of distortion. The song is energetic, catchy, and packed with attitude.”

Subba-Cultcha: “The torch of epic rock has been handed from Queen to an independent band from Philadelphia…Hoping to bring epic rock back to its roots with a modern-day twist…Think of it as Paramore joining forces with the Black Keys.”

Celebrity Cafe: “The new record once again defies traditional genre labels…Catchy – without tending towards contrived…There is a maturity that permeates their work – no matter the genre. Audiences get the sense that these artists simply play what strikes them, without much regard for maintaining a particular sound.”

Music-News: “‘Dig Your Own Grave’…It’s a hard crashing rocker with a fuzzy wall of sound in the vein of QOTSA and The Black Keys that will remind listeners of the full power of rock and roll.”

Essentially Pop: “‘Dig Your Own Grave’…is hard and rocking, conveying the energy of a live performance with the production values of a studio recording. ”

California Rocker: “The band Spin knows how to catch your attention. That’s exactly what the new video for the single “Dig Your Own Grave” does. The music is a cool mix of fuzz and rock. The indie band has a lot going on and we’re anticipating more music yet to come.”

Celeb Mix: “The band caught our attention with their newest single titled “Dig Your Own Grave” off of their EP Meant To Rise. Listening to SPiN, you catch the vibe that they’re truly a rock band. What do we mean by that? “Dig Your Own Grave” features that antiquated sound a rock fan may recognize, heard by bands like The Strokes, Oasis, and Arcade Fire.”

Spill Magazine: “It’s a crashing rock anthem with a thick layer of fuzz, and the intent to renew the energy and power of rock and roll. The song has a large serving of energy, takes you on a wild ride, and has an air of badassery that you don’t find much anymore. It’s a thick and confident tune that gets the bar up and rambunctious like LIT and Eagles of Death Metal.”

Viral Pirate: “…Their ’70s classic rock feels combine with a modern rock twist, highlighting slaying guitar riffs and killer vocals… SPiN is a band you wouldn’t want to miss out on.”

New Sick Music “It’s a careful thing, a difficult thing, to be able to create a heavy rock sound but keep the energy on the playful side. That’s the magic of SPiN‘s “Dig Your Own Grave”…The song is made for dancing, for jumping up and down and singing along. The fuzz of the vocals with the growl of the guitars has a nostalgic vibe to it — similar in a way to the Black Keys, but with an extra dose of edge.”

50Thirdand3rd DIG YOUR OWN GRAVE is a nasty, pounding rocker with an inflammable chorus that sounds like the frightening tick-tick-tick noise of a time bomb.”

Neufutur: “SPiN’s “Dig Your Own Grave” a gritty and dirty sounding rock track that takes up both the sound of 1970s Detroit and of oughts British rock (including Jet here) to make for something unique. The bold strokes that SPiN creates here, the supersonic vocals that are present on the track, and the stadium rock-infused drums makes this into one of the few legitimate rock singles we have heard this year. Dig Your Own Grave is able to soar based on the raw talent and ability of SPiN.”

Indie Music Review: “Lead cut Dig Your Own Grave is a classic attack of ‘90s alternative rock, all pumped up drumming, deeply growling guitar distortion, and raucous male vocal exclamations.  Fists will be punching the air when this one is spun.”

Middle Tennessee Music: “…loud and proud, in-your-face rock and roll!”

Screaming Guitars: “This is a fist-punching anthem that will get the kids shouting it back to them at shows and will get people up out of their seats. It’s a rough ride that shows that you can take some sounds from the past, add some modern touches and have something that is more than the sum of its parts”

The Millennial Noise: “Boom, hey! Philadelphia rock crew SPiN demand your attention with their latest EP Meant to Rise. They keep their brand of alternative rock simple and clean, but incorporate enough fuzzy guitar riffs and upbeat drum kicks to cross over into the realm of catchy pop music.”

Concrete Wave Magazine: “’Dig Your Own Grave’ is a ripping tune that leads you through a no holds bared journey of play now, pay later. Reminiscent of The Cult with the energy of The Struts, if you like guitar and drum based rock these guys are right up your alley.”

Nimrod Street: “SPiN aren’t the type of band to stay inside their little bubble, and so they do what they want with all genres. SPiN handled themselves just fine when experimenting with R&B/Hip-Hop and that totally shows when covering the track “Black Widow” by Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea. Somehow it fits them just well and what I mean by that is, they can perform it better than the original artists can.”

Happening Mag: “Happy Together,” SPiN’s single from their EP called “Stalked,” was featured on the conclusion episode of the CBS hit show Stalker. The haunting vocals and slow, dreamy melody of SPiN’s cover of this notable song was perfect for the show’s dark undertones and mysterious plotlines.”

Crushbrew: “The song is a high energy song with distorted vocals and guitars, and some studio added vocal layering in parts. To put it bluntly it is boring. The whole thing.”

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