SPiN’s huge potential to rival Nirvana!

So honored to be included as #3 in TheRichest.com’s list of bands that could be bigger than Nirvana one day!

“SPiN is a band with huge potential, perhaps even enough to rival Nirvana one day. Their music is gutsy, raw, and full of attitude. They’ve become very well-known in their hometown of Philadelphia, and their reputation as one of the most hard-working bands is spreading like wildfire through America. This band writes all of their own songs, and they really know how to put together a banging rock anthem, such as one of their newest singles, entitled “Dig Your Own Grave.” SPiN has accomplished a lot, including making it to the number one spot on the indie rock charts on iTunes, with their single “Happy Together.” Their music is pretty much classic indie rock, with powerful riffs and great vocals. This band seems to be able to take what we love about the great rock bands of the past, and present it in a new way that is both refreshing and nostalgic.”